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Construction industry in Vietnam is blooming as high demand of Housing, infrastructure and manufacturing. Many of rebar mills have been launched, supplied approximately 10 million tons annually to serve domestic demand.  


To meet standard, progress of your project, a reliable rebar supplier play important role to go with you through project. At PCM, based upon our knowledge of the construction and steel industry, and our desire to serve our clients, we uphold the highest standards of excellence for every project we're involved in.  

We provide original quality of rebar from major mills in Vietnam like VAS, Tung ho, Hoa Phat, Pomina, ...  for high rise buildings (such as Pegasuite Apartment, Thu Thiem Garden, Safira, Khang Phuc, ... ) largest Wind Power Project in Vietnam: EA NAM, Ca Na Sea Port, ...


Products consist of wide range of standard JIS G3112, TCVN 1651, ASTM 615...


The popular grade used are CB240T, CB300V/SD295, CB400V /SD390, CB500V/ SD490, Grade 40, 60...

We supply rebar from Mills:

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Equivalent Grade of Standards in term of Mechanical properties

Mechanical properties of TCVN 1651:2018 

Chemical properties (%) of TCVN 1651:2018 

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