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With our constantly growing product inventory, there are many options to choose from when you decide to work with us. Our success stems from our commitment to uphold the highest standards of excellence for every project we’re involved in.
We provides original quality of rebar from major mills in Vietnam like Pomina, Vinakyoei, VNSteel, Hoa Phat, ... Products consist of wide range of standard JIS G3110, TCVN 1651, ASTM ... The popular grade used are CB240T, CB300V/SD295, CB400V, CB500V, ...


Wire rod is widely used in large range of application, from construction, Industrial fields or even in Housing decoration, ....

We offer competitive wire rod CB240T, SAE1008, .... could be used to process cold roll to thinner diameter until 1mm. Output products includes Welded mesh, B40 nest, spiral wire, bolt, nut ....


We supply various kind of Shape steel
Sectional steel including shapes: H, I, V, U, ... and pipes, mainly used in structural builders, Projects, ... The common Grade we offer is SS400, SM490, ... For special grade, we will discuss in specific inquiry.


Hotline: 0908 219921

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